Thursday Tip: Be Creative in How You Get Exposure – Set Yourself Apart

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As an entertainer, take advantage of other ways to get exposure and experience in the industry to set you apart from others. It’s a noisy industry but there are things you can do to stand out and show what you bring to the table. Here is one idea: participate in a project that gives you lots of free exposure to new audiences and decision makers.

48 Hour Film Project (HFP)

Meet Cathleen Dean, Director of Miami 48HFP

“The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie—write, shoot, edit and score it—in just 48 hours.”

(In case the video doesn’t appear on your screen, click here to watch it)

I attended the Awards and Wrap Up Party recently and had the pleasure of meeting the People in Trees Team that produced Skip Nation. I fell in love with their concept immediately. Then I saw the video and it was a wrap. The director, Jose Jacho, gave me a few minutes of his time and took me on the wild ride it took for them to make the film.

Jacho has participated in some capacity for the last 6 years. This year, he planned to be a director so he began recruiting at the 48HFP Meet and Greets, other networking events, and on Facebook. On a Friday night, he stuck his hand in the bag and came out with the Mockumentary genre, not the easiest choice. The film writer, Ambar Colon, assured him she could come up with something and she did – Skipping.  Jacho was immediately off and running with crazy ideas on how to develop that concept and thankfully, the rest of the team was excited. All the teams had 48 hours to make it happen from that very moment.

With a combination of budding actors with natural talent (including a model interested in trying acting) and experienced actors, the taping of Skip Nation began at 10:00am the next day in Fort Lauderdale. 11 hours later, they finished the taping in Miami. They had a great script and the actors infused some improvisation to make it come alive. Although faced with having to recycle actors, doing multiple retakes because the actors and camera man were laughing uncontrollably, getting stuck in the Miami airport maze, choosing new shooting locations because the clock was ticking, they turned in the final product with 2 minutes to spare.

All the hard work paid off. Skip Nation earned four awards:

  • Best Choreography
  • Best Writer
  • Best Actors
  • The Audience Award (voted by their peers – other filmmakers and actors)

Check out the video to meet the team and cast them in your projects; they’re dedicated and talented. After all, they won ‘Best Actors’.

When you participate in a project like this:

  • You get amazing exposure (films were shown at a local theatre)
  • You meet other people who have opportunities for you (Jacho is an Indie Film Producer, leads an indie film club, is doing PR for the Miami Short Film Festival, and is always looking for actors, writers, filmmakers – who knew) #opportunity
  • You have proven demonstration of your work (a video you didn’t have to pay for)
  • It looks great on your resume (imagine listing a film that won four awards)
  • Every time the film is viewed on YouTube, you get seen #priceless

No matter your preferred segment of the industry (modeling, acting, singing, rapping, photography, etc.), think outside the box. Participating in a project like this can get you in front of audiences it would be hard to penetrate otherwise. That’s the doorway to show your preferred talent.

Check out the Miami 48HFP Facebook Page to see the other awesome films and their feature in The Examiner.

Next Thursday, I’ll share more easy, creative ways to get seen online.

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  • Redd

    I’m glad you enjoyed the film, and I appreciate all the good things you said about our team

  • Jacho

    What a fun & easy 48 hr shoot. Our writer committed and took the challenge. Actors came ready to perform & others with something to prove. Never done so much with a 2 person crew. Post-production was heart-wrenching & exhilarating. 2x Choreography back to back years. That was really what I was going for. Thank Suzzette Turnbull for sharing our story.

  • Gui Agustini

    Since I met Jacho I really felt his good energy and charism. I want to thank him for the great opportunity and amazing experience. I had so much fun and the final project was UNBELIEVABLE! I was so surprised. Congrats to him, to Ambar and to my fellow actors. I believe we all had the same mindset.. to have fun and do our BEST! The results were just consequences. Also, thanks SOCIAL MEDIA for such positive article.

  • Luner Eugene

    Well said Suzzette, It’s not always about “How much you’re getting paid” all the time but getting the exposure, which can lead you to meeting someone who saw this video and willing to pay you for another video shoot. I’ve been there and done that it works.

  • Anonymous

    Gui, Jacho, and Redd You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing so freely with me during your celebration at the awards event. Luner, I echo that point. Companies pay a lot of money to get exposure so when you’re able to participate in something so awesome and benefit from the exposure, it’s priceless.

  • Willy Brutus

    Well greeting Luner Eugene requested that I follow you on line. So far so good it’s good to get new exposure and learn something new at the same time. It was fun got to run until next time I got to go. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luner Eugene

      You did the right thing man. Who you follow in life makes a big difference, hell I’ll stalked Suzzette all day. With all these business ideas and pointers she gives. lol!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for joining the party, Willy!! And thanks for the kind words. If you’re with Luner, you’re in great hands!! Looking forward to seeing you shine!

  • Jacho

    Be fearless. Take a chance. Make the best use of your time. Stick with a production team that has drive, a vision. Don’t be afraid to ask if film will be screened or sent to film festivals.

    To land a role on feature is pretty tough. Work your actors reel with short films/skits/commercials. Network! Get a business card or do enough films to be found online.

    There are many short film contests & festivals where there are celebrity judges and talent scouts looking through the films. Get the exposure! Be that face or that character in a movie they can get out of their heads.

    • Anonymous

      This is excellent advice, Jacho. Looks like we’ll have to bring you back again. :)

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  • Fabulouseventplanner Cornieliu

    i could not have said it better myself