The Most Talented in Broward County Get Recognized

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Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease ImagesWith a vision to ensure Broward County receives the recognition it deserves, Next2Blow Entertainment (led by Ladi Zoe and OneWill) and Don Wand collaborated to present the 2nd Annual Broward County Award Show on December 19, 2011. Strong supporters of the nominees, emcees, hip hop and music lovers, and entertainment industry partners all came out to enjoy the show. Fashion ranged from super sexy to unique and individualistic to some of the hottest design trends. It was the perfect place to check out the best talent and connect with the influential. Tre Neal, CEO of Loc N Grow Enterprise, booked artist Kapo Mann on a show simply by networking at the event.

More than 30 awards. Photo credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

The wall-to-wall turnout at Café F.M.E. was a great testament to the talent and strength of the entertainment industry in Broward County.  Started in 2010, the Broward County Award Show is designed to recognize the artists making an impact through their art while representing their locale. Also included is the acknowledgment of businesses such as barber shops, hairstylists, photographers and promoters that support the artists and provide opportunities to be showcased. Nominations are submitted by the people in the community and the most votes received determine the winner. When asked why he came out to the show, TwoShuk, VP of So Blow’d Entertainment, said, “I wanted to see the up and coming artists. I also wanted to support the CEO of So Blow’d Entertainment, Raud, who was nominated for Best CEO along with one of our artists who was nominated for Best New Artist.”

Track Makers, Best Street Grinder. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

The show was co-hosted by the Best Host in Broward County, Stichiz of Stichophrenic music, and Mouse of Black-n-Mouse. Keeping the dance floor hopping was DJ Will D, DJ Fay and DJ Slick Rick. With over 30 awards and several performances, the program was jam packed keeping the audience entertained. Award categories included Best Promoter, Best Graphic Designer, Best Collaboration, Best New Artist, Best Internet Grinder, Best Street Grinder, Best All-Around Hustler, and more.

NXB Dance Group. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

NXB Dance Group, a co-ed troupe taking South Florida by storm, kicked off the show with unrivaled dance routines. Followed by ‘Ladies of Broward County’, a power packed team of female emcees, who proved unstoppable, performed “Broward County All-Star Female Cypher.” Each team member was among the top three nominees for various categories and several received the trophy:

'Ladies of Broward County' – L to R: Miss Nene, Miss Jones, Stichiz, Italia Blaq, Marci Malone. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

Miss Jones won Best Female Rapper

Miss Nene won Best R&B Singer

Stichiz won Best Host and Best Lyricist

Marcy Malone was among the top three nominees for Best Female Rapper

Italia Blaq was among the top three nominees for Best Lyricist

Miss Eye Candy graced the stage next and also received the Best Teen Artist award for her outstanding work. Closing out the performances was OneWill, singer/songwriter, promoter and all-around supporter of local artists.

Miss Eye Candy, Best Teen Artist. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

OneWill, singer/songwriter, promoter, partner at Next2Blow Entertainment. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

Ladi Zoe, promoter & partner at Next2Blow Entertainment. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

MohawkGaz rocking the Mohawk of the century! Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

Stichiz in her pink boots. HOTTTT to death!! Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

Crunk City, Best Group. L to R: Baby J, Mz Maine, Young Lunatik (white t-shirt). Also in pic: Ms Reesy Wright (orange dress) nominated for Best Singer and DC (light blue shirt) who won Best Studio. Photo Credit: Nightflicks


Tre Neal, Loc N Grow Enterprise & Teddy, Star Quality Entourage. Photo Credit: Marvin, At Ease Images

It was a beautiful sight to witness the passion, dedication, pride and support at this event. The venue was filled with people who work tirelessly to contribute to the industry. One such person is Teddy of Star Quality Entourage who is instrumental in getting artists digital distribution deals, among many things. “I live in Broward and I’ve been a part of developing the scene. I’m very invested in the success of these artists.”

Special thanks to Marvin E. of At Ease Images for providing all the photos (one photo exception). Check out photos of the winners and more on the website and follow him on Twitter.

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  • Stichizmusic

    A suppperrr s/o to @social media diva for an awesome article thanks so much for showing broward some luv!!

    • Suzzette

      You’re welcome!!

  • TS

    Out of West Palm, Broward, and Dade, Broward County is at the bottom when it comes to supporting each other. Everything is based on politics, not actual talent.

    • So Blow’d ENT Rep

      Seriously tho who cares stay on topic nobody asked you who was on top.

      • Suzzette

        Well, everything can be changed and it starts with positive events like this so I applaud everyone involved. Let’s keep it going.


    Wonderful article! Broward County has more talent then what we get credit for. The real artists and mc’s of Broward do support each other and network with each other. Maybe you should pay closer attention. This isnt about West Palm or Dade, So who cares whos on bottom or on top. BELIEVE IN BROWARD!

  • Broward County

    Thank you for covering the award show!

    • Suzzette

      You’re welcome.

  • sexyone

    Nice to hear about the positivity that broward has because dade county had the unity and now broward does also and im proud if that. Thanks to all that pushed the movement and let’s make this a permanent movement and a yearly event! Great job Broward!!

    • Suzzette

      Indeed. A lot of people worked hard to make that happen.

  • Hiphopsince1978

    I think it’s good to do something like this to recognize the best of Broward BUT since we are speaking of Broward Artist……WHERE is
    Jay Burna/ Sin/ Young AC /O.Allen/ yo Where is D-League?!!! Where is Nine5Four??? so many more Broward artist that are actually putting Broward on the map!!! Hopefully next year we will see them there and then more people will go…..#IJS

    • 954

      Took the words right out my mouth… that’s why nobody takes the Broward Awards seriously… Jay Burna, Young AC, and D-League all have made WAY MORE MOVES than anyone you nominated. They have big mixtape djs, been on BET, national magazines, notable press on big hip hop websites and u don’t even include them?!

      At the end of the day hopefully Street Connect DJs throw a real Broward Awards like they are doing in Dade so everyone can go and be taken seriously.

      • Suzzette

        Seems like they’re off to a good start but that’s the importance of unity. Hopefully more people get involved so the other stars will also get recognized.

    • Suzzette

      Thanks for the s/o of some other Broward stars!! People are nominated so hopefully as others hear about it, they’ll nominate their favorites.



  • HighGrade

    No D-League, no SIN, no Wunda Bread, no Jay Burna then it ain’t no Broward Awards dummies

    • Suzzette

      You really think so??? Entertainment is about a lot more folks than a few. Get in the mix next year so more nominations can come in. When something like this is taking place in your community, it becomes more successful when people step up and participate. Every award show has grown over the years to become what it is today. The people in a community are what makes a community strong. Why not rep Broward?

  • Suzzette

    We have a fabulous conversation going here!! I love all the comments and I thank all of you for being candid and honest. It shows you care about what you do!!