3 Tips for Entertainers to Rock the New Timeline

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Yes…another change coming to Facebook. For those who haven’t made the change yet, Facebook will be rolling out this feature in batches over the next few weeks. Once it is activated on your profile, you will have 7 days to preview it and make changes before it goes live automatically. I suggest being proactive so you can control your brand and influence what people see and think about you. In my opinion, this change works in favor of the entertainer. It’s much easier to showcase what you do with these new changes. Check out these tips to help you rock the new timeline.

Tip #1: Your Cover (aka top of your personal profile’s wall)

Cover is the large photo at the top of your timeline profile. It has to be at least 720 pixels wide so you get good resolution. That makes it a great marketing tool. Keep in mind this photo is public, so anyone who visits your profile (and isn’t a friend), will see this picture. Just think casting directors, agents, managers, event producers and people who want to book you. Use this space to be unique and brand what you do. There should be no question about what you bring to the table. Some examples:

  • Actor: use an active image of you acting or use your head shot/comp card.
  • Model: use an image ripping the runway, posing in a photo shoot, or your comp card.
  • Spoken Word Artist: use an image of you performing on the stage. That’s your most powerful moment.
  • Artist: a red carpet picture or an active image performing on stage.

Keep in mind that you can change your photos as often as you like; it is actually highly recommended. You can make a bold statement using that space. Note, however, that any photo you use for your cover is automatically put into your ‘Cover Photos Album’. This album is public and does not have a privacy setting at this time.

Here are a few examples of how to rock the cover on your new timeline:

Christi Shéy, International Model/Actress

Christi used photos from one of her photo shoots. Great demonstration of her work! ‘Like’ Christi’s Facebook Page.

Empress Bogle, CEO, Entrepreneur, Powerhouse

For those entertainers also seeking to start their own businesses, this is a great way to brand that part of your career. Using all your gifts and talents are important. ‘Like’ the Empress Footwear Facebook Page.

Alizé Safari, R&B Artist

This is great branding! ‘Like’ Alize’s Facebook Page.

Keesha Superspice Barreau, Make-up Artist Extraordinaire

There is no question that Keesha is a make-up artist. Her make-up is flawless and her station shows all her tools of the trade. This is a great marketing example. Connect with her on Facebook.

Other photo options for when you decide to change your photo: attending an event, volunteering, or behind the scenes for a show. A universal idea for all entertainers is to use the flyer of an event you’ll be participating in as your cover. It’s great promotion, because it’s the first thing people see.

Tip #2: Your Wall as an Electronic Portfolio

You can star your favorite moments to make them widescreen. Think electronic portfolio. This is another great option to draw attention to your best photos. Remember, photos are the number one viewed media on Facebook. You can also use that as a relationship building tool. If you attended an event with someone important to your work, post that photo and mark it as a favorite moment with a great caption. For example, if I was at an event with a client, I would mark that as a favorite and tag my client.

Tip 3: Apps

Let the apps you use tell a story about you. At the end of the day, people do repeat business with people they like. Apps are an informal and fun way for people to get insight into your interests and multiple dimensions. Have you ever noticed that once you find you have something in common with someone else you enjoy the conversation more and feel more inclined to do business with them? Well, use apps to show your interests such as movies, miles run, places visited, music you listen to, articles you read and more. Those things can actually open doors for you.

If you would like more details on how Timeline works and what to expect, click here for a great article.

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  • Christishey

    I Love the new timeline and I fully taking advantage of all the new Apps it has to offer. As a Professional model the new timeline allows me to showcase “me’ its “user friendly and navigating around the page is very easy” Thanks Suzette R Turnbull

    Great Article Indeed
    Christi Shey Int’L Model/Actress

    • Suzzette

      And you showcase your brand very well, Christi. I hope that others follow suit as well because you are certainly a great example.

  • SuperSpice

    Thanks for actually encouraging me to switch to Timeline… Your article and the way explained was definitely the reason I switched. Thank you Thank you Thank you. :)

    • http://www.socialmediaforentertainers.com Suzzette Turnbull

      I’m glad the article helped. I knew you would rock it!!

  • Empress Footwear

    You are truly the SOCIAL MEDIA DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From one powerhouse to the other! Keep doing what you do, you do it so WELL!