How to Have More Than 5,000 Friends on Facebook

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How to Have More Than 5,000 Friends on Facebook


What if I told you that you could have more than 5,000 Facebook friends? What if I told you that you could separate personal from professional on your Facebook personal profile? What if I told you that you could triple the amount of people who see your posts in their newsfeed? Well, I’m telling you that today. You can have all of that by using the Facebook follower feature. Although a fan page is still important, follower numbers for some are growing faster than the number of fans on their page. Check out how it works.

Why Should You Activate Your ‘Follow’ Feature?

  1. There is no limit on the number of followers you can have. Facebook friends are limited to 5,000. Followers = UNLIMITED. Both are connected to your personal profile.
  2. People are looking for personal connections on Facebook so they will more quickly follow your posts than ‘Like’ your fan page. (Please understand that it is STILL IMPORTANT for you to have a fan page but we’ll talk about that more in another article)
  3. You can be more casual in your follower posts and have more fun than on your fan page. (Remember what I said in #2 about a fan page – it’s STILL IMPORTANT to have one)
  4. Followers CAN ONLY see public posts (we’ll talk more about that below). Therefore, you can still have personal conversations with your Facebook friends and keep them personal. You have that control.
  5. Your follower (public) posts will be seen in newsfeeds and tickers. Previously, public posts could only be seen on your wall. Whenever a follower/friend engages with your post, it will be seen by their network as well. (Cha-ching!)

How Do You Activate the Follow Feature?

  • Click on the star in the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Account Settings’.







  • Click on ‘Followers’ in the left column.
  • Check ‘Turn on Follow’.
  • Keep ‘Subscriber Comments’ Public to encourage interaction.

Now you have to make it easy for people to see you, so let’s change one more setting to allow as many people as possible to subscribe to you.

  • Click on the ‘About’  on your personal profile.

Next to each section, you will see a pencil icon. That allows you to edit the information. I recommend you make the following pieces of information public:

  • Work and Education (one of your employers should be your entertainment craft)
  • Contact Information

Decide which of your contact information you will allow to be visible to everyone, such as your website and social media links (and they should ALL be listed there). For example, my websites are set to ‘Everyone’, but my phone number is set to ‘Only me’.

If you’re an entertainer (of any sort) or public figure, and you have yourself locked down on Facebook with Alcatraz type privacy settings, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Even if it’s too much to let people have direct access to you, be sure that your manager or publicist’s information is attached to your profile. While we all have personal lives, being hard to find is NOT a good idea for an entertainer or public figure. If you cannot be found, the opportunity will go to someone else.

How Do You Use the Follow Feature?

When you post a status update, change the setting to ‘Public’, then click ‘Post’. Be sure it’s something that brands you and that you’re comfortable sharing with the public.

Now…THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: go back to the status update box and change the setting back to ‘Friends’. It DOES NOT change back on its own. If you forget to do this and you end up with a Facebook PR Crisis, just email me at I’ll guide you through it. :) I’m all about helping you to be your best brand!

Don’t let that scare you! There is huge potential and opportunity in using this feature.

My next social media article will talk about how to increase the number of subscribers and the type of content you should share, so stay tuned. Feel free to post any comments and/or questions below in the comment section. Let’s see those numbers rise!

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