Get Your Press Kit!

Promoting yourself or a new release? An electronic press kit (EPK) is essential. An EPK is basically a press kit in electronic form and we have an easy and affordable option for you.

Why Should I Have One?

The main purpose is to generate interest in you or your work. EPK’s are the best way to promote your brand, your services, or your new release like a book or CD. It’s also critical for pitching yourself for a concert, acting, modeling, speaking gig, radio interview or more. In a nutshell, it’s a professional summary of why you or your new release is so awesome!

Always maintain control over your brand – how you are viewed and what is published about you. Has a venue or publication ever posted the wrong picture of you or used outdated information? You can easily prevent that by using an EPK where you showcase your work and accomplishments proudly.

How Can I Use It?

You will use the EPK in several ways. Here are some examples:

  • An author will send it to a bookstore requesting an opportunity to do a book signing event.
  • A musician will submit it to concert event planners for an opportunity to perform.
  • A speaker will submit it to a speaker’s bureau, conference or company to lead a seminar.
  • A film director will submit it to promote an upcoming production.
  • An artist will submit it to a venue or promoter to book a gig.
  • Those seeking increased media exposure will submit it to press outlets along with a press release to generate a published story.
  • And more…

An EPK is the quickest way to get your information to the most important people and show them how amazing you are. Making a great impression will get the attention of high calibre people! It will make it much easier to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. That’s what you want!

EPK vs. Print Media Kit

Both are important, but you will use the EPK more frequently, because it can be quickly and easily emailed to anyone of interest. An EPK is also a budget friendly option to present yourself to mass audiences.

Get into the spotlight without spending thousands of dollars with one of our professional, cutting edge EPKs! Guaranteed to look like a page out of a newspaper or magazine! (See more samples below)


Basic EPK is $150. It includes:

  • High level, professional graphic design
  • Personalized to your style and look
  • Custom headings that promote you or your project
  • Note: All information must be provided

Professional Bios – $50


Custom EPK’s start at $300

  • Designed to fit your specifications
  • Include audio and video
  • And more…

Other services available include:

  • Professionally written bios
  • Press Kits
  • Custom Campaigns
Send an email to if you’re interested in additional services.